How to Obtain a Postdoc [online video]

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An instructional brown-bag lunch talk for the general VCU health sciences community, given on Oct. 2, 2017. Panel: Molly Hyer, Ph.D., Jonathan Lindsay, Ph.D., Morgan Maxwell, Ph.D., Khalilah Johnson, Ph.D., & John Ryan, Ph.D. Moderator: Katybeth Lee, VCU Career Services.

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October 2017


If you are a doctoral student, you know a postdoc is likely your next step following graduation, but do you know how to choose a postdoc that will help you accomplish your career goals? Do you know what you want from a postdoc, or how to find one? Through a panel discussion, learn from Dr. John Ryan, Associate Vice President for Research Development and head of the office of Postdoctoral Scholars at VCU, as well as a number of successful postdocs, about what you need to do to pick the best postdoc for you. This session is co-sponsored by VCU Career Services.


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