Journal of Hip Hop Studies

Journal of Hip Hop Studies


As an answer to the McCollum and Bryant (2003) charge for scholars to use the pacing index that they created to measure the pace of current children's programs, this paper examines the use of Hip Hop music in a children's television show, Hip Hop Harry, and the relationship that this show has with the eighty-five shows that were analyzed in McCollum and Bryant's initial study. Hip Hop Harry is an Emmy award nominated show on The Learning Channel, which prides itself on using Hip Hop culture and music as a medium to educate preschoolers from diverse backgrounds. Through content analysis, the paper highlights the curriculum goals presented in eight of the show's episodes, reveals the pacing index of the show, and exposes the difference between traditional curriculum-based programming and the use of the Hip Hop format of curriculum-based programming as a tool to educate children.






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