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Many students consider mathematics too abstract and useless for their academic and career goals. Meanwhile, instructors in quantitative disciplines such as economics find many students mathematically underprepared for their courses. The disconnect between students’ perceptions of the utility of mathematics and their life and career may have contributed to some of the under-performance in learning mathematics. Addressing this problem requires collaboration across disciplines to develop an understanding of each other’s needs, more specifically to develop an integrative platform that allows students to apply mathematical skills in interdisciplinary contexts (Ganter & Barker, 2004). We collaboratively designed and implemented an integrative platform that includes creation of assignments and resources that contextualize the course in College Algebra with applications of economics, facilitation of frequent interdisciplinary dialogues among faculty members, creation of a course pair, and expansion of the platform to include 15 sections of College Algebra. This paper describes the process of the design and implementation of the platform.