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The Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools [1] require a high level of knowledge in the use of computers and technology on the part of both students and educators. The Education Department at Mary Washington College has decided to prepare its students to meet this challenge by adopting a strategy of program wide integration of technology, bringing appropriate uses of technology into each education course. This strategy calls for the use of technology by both students and instructors. The course Instructional Skills in the Elementary Classroom, a science and mathematics planning course, served as a proving ground for this approach. The integration of technology in this course includes the use of presentation software, spreadsheets, mathematics and science content software, the evaluation of World Wide Web-based resource materials, and a course web page. Halfway through the third semester of this integration experiment, We believe the integration approach to be a proven success. The students enrolled in the course have become enthusiastic users of technology, carrying the skills into other courses and student teaching, and they view the acquisition of these skills as an integral and important aspect of their preparation for teaching careers.





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