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The Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) Science Teaching Intern Project was implemented as a pilot study to give community college students an opportunity to experience science teaching. At the same time, it provided seventh graders in inner city middle schools opportunities to interact with college students and to take advantage of science resources not usually available to them. Interns attended weekly meetings and participated in an all-day science field trip at the college. Most participants also made observations in a middle school science classroom and presented a science activity in the classroom. Not only did the project provide a partnership between STCC and two Springfield public schools, but it also involved interaction with the University of Massachusetts School of Education, since a doctoral candidate provided expertise in education methodology and in evaluation of the project. The project was evaluated by the interns, the two K-12 teachers, the seventh graders, and by the doctoral candidate. There was clear enthusiasm for the project provided by all the sources. The conversion of this project into a one-credit course is currently under development.





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