Jan Jagodzinski


The relationship of men in pheminism is an impossible one. On the one hand, the "proposition" of the preposition is intrusive; it signifies break and enter with all the multiple meanings that this entails, from virginal to criminal reprochment. On the other hand, the “preposition" of the proposition is an illusionary one, both in its flirtatious invitation to men and in its very non-existence of being, for there is no inside nor outside. Men are "implicated” in this relationship by virtue of both their difference and indifference which lie on either side of the "membrane" that separates the sexes. In other words, men have already committed the crime but are unaware of it. In the former sense, the crime of in difference, offers the contradictory discourses of woman as ‘essence' as opposed to woman as a social cultural construction. Hence the Lacanian question arises: “Does the Woman exist?" In the latter case, with the crime of indifference, the matter is facilely resolved as: the Woman does not exist! She is absent, the male's Other who lacks the Phallus.


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