A gaze is a silent facial gesture while a piercing gaze suggests a shrieking sound. Unpacking the word, silence, allows one to look at the difference between the verbalizations hailing empowerment and the actual functioning of reinstatements of purpose in learning, teaching and mentoring in a public school. Silence, in the following article, signals a discomfort, sometimes solitude and, at times, an abyss perhaps indicating the disparity between expectation and implementation. The depth of research necessary by the school community to reach consensus for names of dignitaries and the in-depth archival photographic research on the part of the professional artists required time commitments and levels of perseverance that were unforeseen by the participants. The challenge of maintaining community-building activities underscored the problematic issues entrenched in areas of high poverty. The following article is grouped around nine sections, a post script and references: Paradigm of Silence, Tagging a Neighborhood, African American and Latino Diaspora, Developmental Stages, Convincing the Public, Aspects of Production: Multiple Visions, Whole School Reform: Language Arts and Visual Literacy, Aesthetics of Truth and Reconciliation and Teaching Tolerance: State-wide Commissions.


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