The world exists in a dynamic that can be described as a web. The moment that you are born, you become part of this web by your every move through space, every encounter with people, and every interaction with objects. Never ending but changing direction, never moving up or down but always laterally, the web progresses and grows continuously. This metaphor also describes the singular existence of all of us by outlining the experiences that help form us. From the common details to the formative moments in life, our lives are a series of cumulative experiences. These experiences connect and build one on another. In other words, life is a series of ands where no period exists. I wake up and read in the paper about a Joan Mitchell exhibition and feed my dog and talk to my husband about our days and drive to the studio and see charged thunder clouds and paint with a little more freedom (thinking of Joan Mitchell) and paint the drama of the thunder clouds and eat lunch and ... Some moments may be stronger than others, but all of these ands describe our lives. Within these ands, one finds that no human can "be" alone; we all exist in relationship with one another and the world. The individual exists in connection with "what we see and who we are and what we do" (Lacy. 1995, p. 89). The relationships among people, places, and things give life significance and worth. In other words, making and noticing the connections through the ands produce meaning in life. From this philosophical attitude, I propose to explore the ands in relation to art, art making, and art education.


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