Author Guagtiumi's cover design speaks eloquently to the theme of this year's journal: silence. The fractal spaces of a complex topological landscape with various intensities of lines that compress and depress throughout are cut and interpenetrated by blank spaces whose sinuous curves stake out a depthless territory that we know nothing about. The "spine" of the cover becomes an artificial divide where the two sides butt together, as if some giant fault tine had been intentionally created. Occasionally a translucent film grows over the force and intensity of these tines, both masking and holding them together to neutralize their force. If the viewer looks carefully, occasionally there is seepage of tines that make their way into the white void. These are interstitial sites where the precipitous "cur" of depthless space softens and there is an overflowing and exchange of boundaries. These are the moments of aleatory events-microscopic and easily overlooked, precisely where transformative change begins through the ever so slight corrosion of time.


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