This article is one result of an ongoing dialogue among a number of members of the LGBTIC/Queer Caucus. The dialogue has taken place primarily through a torrent of e-mails, but also through a number of emotionally charged telephone calls. It began as a friendly, (perhaps naively) simple idea -to turn members' viewpoints about changing the name of our caucus, from "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Issues Caucus" to "Queer Issues Caucus" into an article. What began with good will and a fervent hope for understanding, at times turned into vitriol and contention -volleys of world views, personal identities, and philosophies. Although tempers flared occasionally, we feel each of us came to better understandings of the others' points of view. Editors Debbie and Kim have attempted to distill a bubbling pot of various points of view into an imaginary roundtable dialogue: respecting all stances, without silencing anyone, without hurting anyone's feelings, and without privileging anyone viewpoint. All actors in this drama are named above and identified in the text by their initials. We apologize in advance.


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