While traveling in England during Spring 2009, I had the opportunity to see the London production of the musical Wicked, a prequel to a cultural icon ingrained in our nation's psyche, the classic version of the The Wizard of Oz. Told from the perspective of the alleged wicked witch, Wicked celebrates the obvious notion; there is anOTHER side to the standard story. Most of us, at some point in our lives, can relate to being looked at as different or outsider, like the green-skinned, black-clad, smart, caring young lady, Elphaba, whom the Wizard's propaganda machine demonized as wicked. From the play, we find out Elphaba wasn't wicked after all; she was just misunderstood. Opening our minds and hearts to differing points of view can be likened to opening doors to new forms of knowledge otherwise unknown or unknown otherwise.


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