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Misplaced Walls


Misplaced Wall is an art project consisting of a modular series of cardboard boxes painted to look like cartoonish and colorful brick walls. These walls appear in desert landscapes, suburban homes, and basketball courts as an awkward and obtrusive guest, but one that will inevitably fall and be placed, or rather misplaced, elsewhere. The impermanent artwork is a response to the current political calls for the building of and tearing down of walls—where one wall or border may fall, another is identified or built based on ever-shifting ideologies. It is also an analogy for a sort of itinerant practice that is the territory of artists and educators. They ignore and subvert the seemingly immobile boundaries of knowledge and tradition around them to view culture and politics as provisional and up for renegotiation and expansion.

Streaming Media

b-ball-small-wall-night-edited-300dpi-3000pxw.jpg (3594 kB)
Misplaced Wall (Ball Wall), inkjet print on paper, 2017

wall-church-b-ball-edited-300dpi-2000pxw.jpg (2224 kB)
Misplaced Wall (B-Ball), inkjet print on paper, 2017

wall-living-room-edited-300dpi-3000pxw.jpg (4084 kB)
Misplaced Wall (Suburbs), inkjet print on paper, 2017

wall-studio-doorway-edited-300dpi-3000pxh.jpg (2871 kB)
Misplaced Wall (Basement), inkjet print on paper, 2017

wall-fall-final-sound.mp4 (111392 kB)
Misplaced Wall (Wall Fall), video, 01:19 (loop), 2017

misplaced-wall-desert-cascade.mp4 (20561 kB)
Misplaced Wall (Cascade, Desert), video, 01:01 (loop), 2017