This paper introduces Sweep it Under the Rug as an exhibition that occurred at a university gallery in the Southeastern United States during February 2020. The exhibition aimed to unsettle gender roles and promote educational responsibility by visualizing data from survey participants and installation collaborators on the topic of gender. The survey addressed the role of personal and cultural expectations on gender expression through a series of questions about family, language, and more. The author shares memories from and writing about the exhibition and thinks with Karen Barad’s concept of intra-action to explore the ways in which visualizing data might engage intra-active art as creative discourse between artwork and stakeholders that makes knowledge (visible) to effect change. The author suggests that intra-active art provokes feeling (loving), thinking (learning), and doing (becoming ethical and experimenting ethically) in (in)formal art education spaces, especially in a time of physical distance, and closes by wondering/wandering on about literal and abstract together-apartness in our current and future times.

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