The way I see the Feldman Method is as a teaching technique and not as a research tool. The reason I even mention this is that apparently others use it as a research tool. I suppose it could be used that way, but I don't see it that way. I certainly agree, however, that art educators need to do a great deal of homework concerning society, sociology, and art history, especially those art educators who subscribe to the viewpoints of the Caucus - -I imagine many of you in here are sympathetic to the Caucus . We're certainly obligated to be well informed in history, art history, and sociology. There's a rather limited literature on the sociology of art. We ought to know that, and perhaps we should develop our own literature regarding the connections between art and society. But I look at the model proposed by Feldman primarily as a teaching technique. As a teaching technique, it can be employed by the teacher in three different ways.


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