Vince Lanier once said in his inimitably leading way (with that gleam in his eye) that art is what hangs on the walls in the museums and galleries in New York and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, in light of the Art in America syndrome which dominates not only the art community but also seemingly the art education community, the joke may be on you, Vince. You may be right. Art reflects and perpetuates culture as does education. Culture, as an important aspect of human evolution must have a wide gene pool of ideas to maintain the healthy balance necessary for its continuance. Maybe that's the crucial function of alternative ideas such as those found in this journal: cultural balance insuring continued evolution. The Bulletin, which is often seen by mainstream art educators as the result of mutant genes, may help provide the genetic breadth necessary for survival of art education as a species. After all, it was genetic mutation which resulted in some puny little mammals when dinosaurs were dominant. So, for now, Vince, I'm afraid you might be right, but if you keep asking, if we all keep asking, some different answers may begin to evolve.


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