Jan Jagodzinski


This was an irreverent/irrelevant staged performance wherein a schizophrenic Voice was presented through a dialogue that answered Itself as It moved from one side of a table to the other, speaking at Itself, sometimes to Itself. The audience was physically separated from the performer in a classical fashion: stage and audience. One end represented the Voice of personal memories as an initiate into conference life; the other end represented the jaded view of a Voice who bitterly questions the entire ritual. A tie was put on and taken off as the performer moved from one side of the table to its opposite. To represent the physical event as an image that page has been divided into two columns and the dialogue into two sections. The two columns represent Voices in opposition; the left column being that of the initiate, the right column being that of a cynical critical voice. The two sections are referred to as the Drawing of the Body and Drawing of the Mind. The Drawing of the Body both literally and figuratively questions the way members of any discipline are seduced into meeting together at a central site/sight/cite, while Drawing of the Mind speaks literally and figuratively to the ideological conscription/inscription which takes place as pilgrims are seduced by their won ‘lack’ into hearing the experts expound their theories and reproduce the legitimated reality. The following is a fictional performance. Where I have used real names or what seem to be physical descriptions of real people, it is purely done in the interest of fiction. The account represented herein has been rewritten. Where then is the original?


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