Jan Jagodzinski


In the last Caucus Newsletter, we announced the results of the poll about the name of the Bulletin of the Caucus on Social Theory and Art Education. Of thirteen responses received, ten supported the change from Bulletin to Journal. There were six votes against the introduction of an additional word and flavor into the title: two because they did not like the esoteric nature of the suggested word(s); two because they did not want a greater length to the title. One suggested reducing the name to the Bulletin/Journal on Social Theory and Art Education. Of the seven who voted favorably, preferences distributed themselves : Re(Marks) = 2; Re(Mark) = 3; Re(Mark)! = 1; Re(Mark) = 1. Readers with a particular passion were invited to write up their arguments for the Newsletter and so win converts to their persuasion. The following are the results of that invitation.


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