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Oral History


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February 2023


Interviewee: Elena Camacho.

Interviewer: James Randall.

The following is an oral history interview with Elena Camacho, which was conducted on October 28th, 2022 at the Department of History’s offices at Virginia Commonwealth University. This conversation concerns her recollections and experiences as a young Colombian professional who emigrated to the United States in adulthood, and how these explicitly paved her path towards a career as a professional community organizer with New Virginia Majority. Camacho weaves a narrative platforming the organization’s past & present campaigns for immigrant justice—principally for local tenants’ rights & statewide progressive reform in the legislature—with personal insight from her own immigration journey. The interview was conducted principally in Spanish by James Randall, and has been transcribed semi-verbatim. The interview was roughly transcribed by the service, and was heavily edited by James Randall in order to achieve clarity. It requires further review for full Spanish grammatical accuracy.

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Latino Virginia Oral History Project