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Poster presented at the Annual Conference, Art Libraries Society of North America, 2015

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March 2015


Research on creativity in the field of cognitive psychology suggests that creativity is a process, and therefore success in creativity is less about talent or temperament than about the ability to manage that process. Creativity is necessary for all disciplines, though those in art and design fields tend to be more focused on it as an everyday practice.

This poster gives an overview of a session on creativity designed for “Advance Your Research,” a workshop provided by VCU Libraries for graduate students and advanced researchers. Through the in-person session and following webinar the visual arts librarian sought to familiarize attendees from many backgrounds with the stages in the creative process – Preparation, Incubation, Illumination and Verification – and demonstrate how to effectively leverage library resources at each stage. Most of the workshop attendees who expressed interest in and attended the “‘Aha!’ Moment” session were from non-art disciplines including Biology, Economics, Information Systems and Physical Therapy, indicating an interest in this topic beyond the Visual Arts.

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