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Poster presented at the 2015 Cultural Heritage Information Management Forum at Catholic University.

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June 2015


The beautiful end product of a digital cultural heritage project is a wonderful thing. But building collaborative digital projects is challenging. VCU Libraries created an interactive 1889 atlas with ideas both old and new about use, access, engagement and collaboration.

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The focus of this poster is two-fold. First, the collaborative effort to repair, digitize, preserve, plan and create an interactive website and digital representation of the 1889 Baist Atlas of Richmond will be documented.

Second, the details of the iterative process and various approaches related to feedback, design, outreach, use, access and assessment portions of launching and maintaining a digital cultural heritage collection will be depicted. Some approaches included creating new materials for download and use such as geospatial data, and the use of both analytics and faculty outreach for assessment. Lessons learned thus far and plans for the future of the project will also be covered.


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