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Poster presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 2021 Conference.

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September 2021


The “Keep on Connecting” work group was formed in March 2020 to support library workers as they moved primarily to telework in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This group was charged to develop professional development and community-building content and experiences to promote best practices for telework and maintain a culture of support and community. Programming was conducted via several online platforms ranging from blog posts on desk-seating ergonomics to presentations on balancing work with children home from school to trivia games over Zoom. Over the course of the largely ad hoc programming, it became clear that certain topics and activities were either more relevant or better suited to supporting engagement within our library community. As countless academic libraries found themselves with large portions of their faculty and staff working remotely due to the pandemic, we describe what we found worked best in our institution, which is composed of over 130 library employees at an urban research university. In addition to sample communications and media from sessions, results from a standard program evaluation survey are shared to highlight what participants found to be most helpful to them. The digital poster format will also be leveraged to share a timeline of how the work group formed, approached its tasks, and changed over time.

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