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The Library Outreach Casebook

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Book chapter from The Library Outreach Casebook, R. L. Sittler & T. Rogerson (Eds.), Association of College & Research Libraries.

ISBN-13: 9780838948736

ISBN-10: 0838948731

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March 2019


Everyone is a publisher, a maker, or a creator in the digital age, and understanding copyright is a foundational skill. Artists, designers, and arts scholars need acute awareness of the legal landscape and fair use. To help meet this need, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Libraries, in concert with the VCU School of the Arts, created a series of programs on the nuances of copyright for artists, designers, and art scholars.


© The Authors, 2018. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial International 4.0 license.

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Crookendale, C., Miller, H., & Robinson, S. (2018). Copyright for Creators: Bridging Law and Practice. In The Library Outreach Casebook. Association of College and Research Libraries.