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October 2022



Each year a selection committee at a large urban university selects a book for all first year students. Books are sent out to students and then the title is used throughout many freshman level classes. Librarians are involved in the selection of the book, the creation of a resource guide with related information, and the creation of potential programs to support the themes and topics addressed in the book. The largest event is organized through the common read program and involves a lecture to the university community from the book author. For many years the book and common read program were largely overlooked on the health sciences campus. However, for the last five years efforts have been made to embrace themes addressed in the book and demonstrate their relevance to students in health sciences programs.


This presentation will focus on a review of the common read program and its evolution at a large urban university with special emphasis on the adoption and use of the book on the health sciences campus. The presentation will discuss ways in which the health sciences library has provided information access points to related health information through resource guides and created educational programming that further address topics from the book for a health sciences audience. The presentation will include next steps and actions for libraries interested in participating in a common read program.


Based on general review of data and library staff engagement with the common read program, the library has found an entry point for programming that is relevant to the health sciences campus as well as a broader audience including hospital employees, undergraduate students, and in some cases members of the local community. Data from past events, resource guide use, and title selection will be shared.

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