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Pump, stomach

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Physical Details

Nine piece stomach pump set in a walnut box with a brass lock and center plate in lid. The box is laid with red fabric, the bottom is divided into compartments. The main piece of the set is a brass levered pump with a "T" shaped handle plunger in one end of the cylindar and a 2-way threaded valve on the other end. Only one valve could be opened at a time, controlled bya lever on the cylinder. A 64 centimeter long red rubber hose is also in the set, with brass threading on one end and a black top with two openings was used to introduce or remove fluids from the stomach. A smaller hose has brass threading on one end and a brass nozzle on the other which can dispense or remove fluids to and from the stomach. A walnut peg with a circular opening was placed in patient's mouth with tube placed in aperture. A brass tube has one end threaded with a widened fort. When pump was to be stood up, this was attached to the valve to provide vbalance. An ivory tube with an ivory ring at one end was also used for delivering enemas. An ivory tube with a walnut tube attached at a right angle. A walnut peg, round but pointed with threading and a ball at one end, was used to force open mouths with lockjaw. There is a gray tube included that was not part of the original set. There is also a brass stopcock that wasn't part of the set. It is threaded on one end, with a wood stopper on the other. The original instructions are enclosed.


5.4 cm. x 31 cm. x 15.5 cm.

Medical Subject

Suction -- instrumentation

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medical equipment

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medical artifact


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Medical Artifacts Collection


Original object: Brass Lever Stomach Pump, VCU Health Sciences Library Medical Artifacts. Special Collections and Archives, VCU Health Sciences Library, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va.

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