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MCV/Q, Medical College of Virginia Quarterly

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Leo J. Dunn

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MCV/Q, Medical College of Virginia Quarterly





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Few areas in medicine can equal the rapid proliferation of information that has occurred and continues to occur in the area of human reproduction. The progress in our understanding of the underlying mechanisms which control the human female reproductive system has led to an ever-increasing refinement in the definition of pathologic states and the development of specific, effective therapeutic agents for some of these. It is clear that not all is yet known and that there is need for repetitive reassessment of our knowledge in order to keep abreast of these rapid discoveries. Pregnancy, once achieved, is subject to yet another system of hazards about which a great deal has been learned. Both maternal and fetal diseases have become better understood through more refined diagnostic methods. More specific and successful methods of management have been designed. The involvement in the outcome of these high-risk pregnancies can now be demonstrated, but it does require up-to-date knowledge and skills on the part of the physician and a constant effort against the social and economic obstacles which prevent optimal care.


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