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In conclusion, the computer alone is not enough to provide the best possible patient care. Every hospital must be introspective about each patient-care system so that the performance aspects of the systems are meaningful and efficient. Couple the best methods of performance with the information processing and control capabilities offered by the computer, and one can envision a smoothly functioning patient-care complex in which the wild perturbations one sees in today's hospital operation are minimized. However, medical care finds itself in an awkward dichotomy. Many of the causes of system perturbation in the hospital are directly related to the demands for and implementations of new medical research results and technology. This of course, we must aid and abet to the best of our ability, so that patient care is continuously improved. While we struggle to keep the patient-care system under control, on the one hand, we must at the same time encourage the new procedures and techniques which of necessity bring about greater perturbations. It is only by welding together the best possible performance and information system that we can provide the opportunity for improving patient care.


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