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The Story of Gout

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It had long been suspected that gout might be a disease of varying origins, but it has only been during the present century that primary or acquired gout and hereditary gout have been clearly defined and differentiated. A considerable number of secondary types are now recognised. Several are of iatrogenic nature, whereas others result from disorders of the blood, the bone marrow and the metabolism, as well as from associated specific defects such as those in the Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome of children. Increasing knowledge of gout's chemical secrets, however, is resulting in improved treatment, and we can now assert that gout is perhaps the disease of which we have the most detailed specific understanding and the most effective control. With cooperation from the sufferer and a mild dietary regime, we can now prevent any damage which has already occurred from progressing and, thus, avoid recurrent or progressive deterioration. In almost every case we can now terminate the occurrence of the painful acute attacks by use of modern chemotherapy.


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