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MCV/Q, Medical College of Virginia Quarterly


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Medical College of Virginia, June, 1968. Summary includes: Studies on Sulfonamides: Physiochemical Properties in Relation to Biological Activity by Richard Charles Allen; The Incisures of Schmidt-Lanterman by Nabil A. Azzam; Loosely Linked Mutations Enhancing L-Arabinose Utilization in Escherichia coli B/r by Robert G. Bost; Induction of Fusion in Cultured Cells in the Presence of Para-influenza 3 Virus by Mildred Kaiser Fleetwood; Correlations Between Acid-Base Behavior and Ion Fluxes in Frog Skin by Ruth Torvik Friedman; The Mating Pattern of Five Strains of Drosophila equinoxialis by Ragnit Geeraets; The Intrinsic Back Musculature of Macaca mulatta by Robert M. George; Mechanical Effects of Acoustic Transients on Tobacco Mosaic Virus by Philip Edward Hamrick; A Comparative Cytogenetic Study of Sex-Determining Mechanisms in the Acarina by Richard L. Heinemann; The Energetics of Contraction of Isolated Muscles of Frogs as Measured by Their Consumption of Oxygen by R. J. M. McCarter; Anaerobic Utilization of L-Lactate by a Strain of Human Somatic Cells In Vitro by Samuel V. Molinary; A Study of Anaerobic Streptococci Isolated from the Subgingival Crevice Area of Man by Charles Barker Sabiston, Jr.; Immunoelectrophoretic Analysis of Egg White, Yolk and Plasma Proteins of the Differentiating House Sparrow, Passer domesticus by Charlene A. Seibert; The Influence of Alpha- and Beta-Adrenergic Stimulation on Sodium Transport Across Frog Skin by Charles O. Watlington.


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