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In summary, sexual relationships involve two factors: lustful gratification and emotional and physical closeness. Lustful gratification involves sexual identity which is determined by: 1) biological sex; 2) gender identity; 3) child-parent relationships; 4) cultural value systems; and 5) sexological knowledge. Sexual problems are due to ignorance of the sexual facts of life and/or to contamination of the sexual area by other needs, wishes, or fears. A detailed understanding of the presenting complaints and the sexual history of the patient will enable the physician to make a differential diagnosis. The physician can then clarify the problem and assist the patient in eliminating pseudo problems. He can supply the necessary information regarding sexual functions about which the patient is misinformed. He can also assist those patients for whom the sexual area is contaminated by other emotional problems of a more general nature. Finally, the physician renders a service to the patient by defining and pointing out the existence of a serious sexual problem which should be referred to a psychiatrist for evaluation and/or therapy.


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