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Medical College of Virginia, June, 1969. Summary includes: Anticholinergic Agents Based on Ariens' Dual Receptor Site Theory by Archie Jay Beebe; The Relationship Between Emotionality and Behavioral Performance in a Random Population of Male Charles River Rats by Stanley F. Bernstein; Fetal Development and Functional Significance of the Epiphysis Cerebri in Rats and Hamsters: A Light and Electron Microscopic Investigation by Jeanne W. Clabough; Separation and Partial Characterization of Components Derived from Human Erythrocyte Membranes by Roy Frederick J. Davis; Free Amino Acid Release from Isolated Rat Liver Cells by Gerald Irwin Drury; Passer Domesticus by William W. Farrar; The Investigation of the Bradypnea Response in Dogs Following Left Atrial Distention by Edith Louise Hardie; Glucose Dehydrogenase Activity of a Sweet Sensitive Protein From Bovine Tongues by Richard Martin Hogan; Hematology Quality Control in a Large Medical Center by Mary Kasey; A Kinetic Study of the Homogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation of 2-Butyne-1, 4-Diol and cis-2-Butene-1, 4-Diol by Henry Ping-Chung Lau; Structure-Activity Relationships of Tetracyclines: Cell Division, Protein Synthesis and Nucleic Acid Synthesis in Escherichia coli W. by G. H. Miller; A Time Course Study of in Vivo Effects of Hydrazine on Rat Liver Protein and Nucleic Acid Content by Nancy Laprade Smith; Ionic Contribution to the Genesis of the Frog Skin Potential by Thomas C. Smith; Inheritance and Characterization of a Type A Blood Subgroup by Daniel Clayton Summerlin; A Scheme for the Rapid Identification of the Enterobacteriaceae by Vanessa Hilrett Taylor; Transient Electro-optic Kerr Effect in Spheroidal-like Particles by Allen Kent Wright; Studies of Potentially Useful Agents in Urolithiasis by James Elkanah Wynn.


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