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SAMA-AΩA Student Honors Day: Abstracts of Scientific Presentations for Medical College of Virginia, May 1970. Summary includes: A Technique for the Measurement of Reagenic Antibody: Technical Development and Future Studies by Peter F. Hoffman; Suppression of Homograft Immunity with Thiamphenicol by J.D. Linehan; Blood Volume Regulation Following Cardiac Transplantation by Marc D. Thames; The Roentgenographic Diagnosis of Aneurysms of the Superior Mesentric Artery with Two Case Reports by Parham R. Fox; Studies on the Clearance of Circulating Leucocytic Pyrogen by M. Tenenbaum and D. Lorber; Study of the Combined Effect of Pyran Copolymer with Actinomycin D or Cytoxan on Some Mouse Tumors by Steven H. Grossman; Trypanosome Infection and Tumor Growth by Gary Hoffman; Plasma-Pressor Activity in Metabolic Acidosis by F.J. Martorano; and Specificity of Ribonuclease Activity as Related to Homograft Rejection by David Waldman; An Increase in Brain Serotonin in Experimental Porphyria by William R. Reamy; Inhibition of the Lupus Erythematosus Cell Phenomenon in Uremia by Harold L. Rekate; Assessment of the Role of Pancreatoduodectomy in the Treatment of Chronic Relapsing Pancreatitis--Analysis of 16 Cases by David E. Mullins.


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