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Abstracts of graduate degree theses, Medical College of Virginia, June 1970. Summary includes: Radioimmunoassay of HGH and ACTH in Surgically Stressed Patients by James Carrington Rose; Tongue Rolling and Tongue Folding in an American Caucasian Population by Martha Jane Ruebush; Study of the Toxic, Pyrogenic, and Cytopathogenic Properties of Lipopolysacchardie of Salmonella Abortus Equi by Brenda Lee Wright; Influence of the Cutaneous Application of Ice on Isolation and Control of Single Motor Units in Humans by Martha Anne Clendenin; Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Inactivation of Bovine Liver Glutamate Dehydrogenase by Stanley Clark Yusko; A Study to Determine why a Group of Knowledgeable Women Did or Did Not Seek a Regular Cervical Smear Examination by Linda Atwell Lacey; A Study to Determine the Effects of Deliberate Nursing Intervention upon Postoperative Pain in a Selected Group of Male Patients by Patricia Ellen Richardson; A Study to Ascertain the Relationship of Certain Factors as they Contribute to Lack of Control or Improper Management of Diabetic Patients Admitted to In-Patient Hospital Service by Jerri M. Brown; Enhanced Toxicity of Combinations of Bacterial Endotoxin with Antitumor Drugs by William Carl Rose; Changing Personnel Requirements of a Modern Clinical Laboratory in the Face of Automation and Computerization; Relationship of Antibodies to Cytomegalovirus Between Normal Blood Donors and Open-Heart Surgery Patients by Ana Victoria Espinel; A Nonequilibrium Thermodynamic Model of ION Transport in a Three-Compartment System by Heinz George Hausch; The Effects of Alcohol on Three Levels of Complex Human Behavior by Grady V. Maraman; Exposure of Man to a Simulated Lunar Magnetic Environment, Physiological and Central Nervous System Effects, by James Douglas Grissett; Evaluation of the Essentiality of Dextran in the Dental Caries Process by William R. Grigsby; Methylurea--Its Intermediary Role in the Physiological Disposition of Methylamine by Mohammad Saeed Dar; The Adregenergic and Cholinergic Innervation of the Autotransplanted Canine Kidney by Howard A. Weitsen; Studies on the Carboxyl-Terminal Tetrapeptide Sequence of Bovine Serum Albumin by Charles Varsel; Substituent Effects on Cholinergic Activity of Substituted Benzyltrimethylammonium Salts by Richard Louis Stein; The Role of the Reticuloendothelial System in Host Defense by Albert Enoch Munson; and The Application of Absorbents and of Complexing Agents in Urolithiasis by Charles Edward O'Rear.


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