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Adele Kraft, MD, Assistant Professor of Pathology, School of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University

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May 2017

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JiTT is an active teaching and learning strategy that combines web-based assignments with classroom learning. JiTT sessions can be limited to one-hour; each learning activity is an event by itself and it can be used in small groups composed of learners with heterogeneous backgrounds previously exposed to the material. The main strengths of JiTT are the ability to make student thinking visible, help develop expert-like thinking processes, improve transfer of knowledge and promote reflective learning. We demonstrate our experience in applying this learning strategy to Pathology resident teaching.

Purpose/Research Question

The usual way pathology residents learn the craft is by working on cases under faculty guidance. It is expected that they will master the basic principles and from then on become independent learners. In our residency program there are a series of formal lectures intended to cover the contents of a major Surgical Pathology book over a two year period. Pathology faculty take turns in giving the lectures depending on their area of interest and expertise. As it is impossible to try to cover all the details of a subject in a one-hour lecture other strategies need to be tried that would preferably involve active learning strategies.


Determine if JiTT can be successfully utilized for Pathology resident training


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