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Mary L. Falk, MSN, RN, CCRN, PCCN, CNL, Clinical Instructor, VCU School of Nursing, Department of Adult Health and Nursing Systems

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May 2017

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Undergraduate nursing students have historically learned to focus on the clinical and technical components of patient care. There is an increasing body of literature about the importance of incorporating empathy into healthcare curricula, and various techniques, such as role modelling, have been utilized. The increasing complexity and demands on nurses, and other healthcare providers, in today's healthcare system have led to a higher incidence of burnout and turnover. It is recognized that patients have felt the effects of this burnout in that they cite feeling a lack of connection and empathy from their clinical providers. We have sought to create a new learning experience that integrates traditional teaching methods with real patients’ lived experiences.

Purpose/Research Question

The purpose of this study is to determine if including a patient’s narrative about surviving a cardiac arrest to the traditional teaching methods of didactic content and simulation increases the level of empathy in senior level baccalaureate nursing students.


1. To develop an integrated teaching method that includes didactic material, bedside clinical experience, simulation, and the patients’ subsequent lived experience.

2. To develop nurses who engage in empathetic practice, which will lead to optimal patient outcomes, personal and professional growth, and enhanced career satisfaction.


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