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Deborah DiazGranados, PhD Assistant Professor School of Medicine Office of Assessment, Evaluation and Scholarship

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Nital Appelbaum, PhD; Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Scholarship Michael S. Ryan, MD, Assistant Dean for Clinical Medical Education, School of Medicine

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April 2018

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The AAMC Graduation Questionnaire (AAMC GQ) surveys the students at the completion of their training. Results from this survey show that students report mistreatment and unprofessional behavior during their training. The results of this survey, both locally and nationally, motivated faculty in the school of medicine to develop a workshop that would introduce the learning climate to students, and allow the students to interact with faculty to understand mistreatment and professionalism in the learning environment. In this presentation, we will highlight the need for educating students about the learning climate, professionalism and mistreatment; provide attendees with the definition of mistreatment; and illustrate the ambiguity involved in defining incidents of mistreatment. A need has been identified, both due to the results of the AAMC GQ survey and by the hundreds of peer-reviewed articles on the topic of professionalism in medical education, and this workshop was an attempt to fill that need at VCU.


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