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Patrick Fadden, MD, Academic Hospitalist, School of Medicine, Internal Medicine

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Rabia Qaiser, MD, Academic Hospitalist, School of Medicine, Internal Medicine; Tu Nguyen, MD, Academic Hospitalist, School of Medicine, Internal Medicine

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April 2018

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The oral case presentation is a vital skill in clinical medicine. It not only serves the purpose of delivering clinical information but it also provides the platform in which providers explain diagnostic reasoning. Although it plays a central role in clinical care, the development and refinement of these communicative skills are often “trial and error” in medical training. This may lead to delayed acquisition in skill development which can impact the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. The intent and purpose of the oral case presentation also has been shown to be incongruent among medical students and attendings, further dampening the effectiveness and the education value of this tool. Hence, we propose a new curriculum for internal medicine students rotating at the VA Medical Center. This is designed to improve the medical student’s oral presentation skills through interactive didactics and point of care feedback. Feedback will be provided via medical student peer-peer evaluations using a standard template identifying areas for improvement. Academic attendings will be educated to use the RIME model for oral presentation feedback to help student function more consistently at level of interpreter or higher.


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