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Jeffrey D. Ferguson, MD, NRP, Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine

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Peter Moffett, MD, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine

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May 2017

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Providing education on medical care and triage during mass casualty incidents (MCI) can be challenging. Table top exercises lack the impact of a hands-on experience necessary to emphasize the scale of a real event, while full scale events are often time and resource intensive. We present a novel method using low-cost stuffed bears to expose learners to MCI triage methodology and medical care.


Primary objective: Rapidly train providers in SALT Triage.

Secondary objective: Develop a low cost, time efficient, and easily reproducible mass casualty incident educational model.


ACGME Program Requirements for GME in Emergency Medicine 2016.

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Lee CW, McLeod SL, Peddle MB. First Responder Accuracy Using SALT after Brief Initial Training. Prehosp Disaster Med. 2015 Oct;30(5):447-51.


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