Health Sciences Education Symposium

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Logan Vetrovec, M.Ed., Division for Health Sciences Diversity, Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences

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Anne Massey, M.S.W., VCU Office of Health Innovation, VCU Health System

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March 2019

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The purpose of this poster is to expose VCU faculty, staff, students and team members to content focused on health equity concepts, related data, and the VCU Health Equity initiative.

  • Health inequities exist and are defined by the World Health Organization as “systematic gaps in health outcomes between different groups of people that are judged to be avoidable and therefore are considered unfair and unjust.” Health inequities are exacerbated when socioeconomic factors are not considered as significant influencers of health.
  • VCU and the VCU Health System share a vision that all faculty, staff, students and trainees are committed to improving the health and well-being of populations served in our local communities. In order to achieve that vision, an institution-wide initiative focusing on activities to identify and address health inequities has been launched


1. World Health Organization definitions of health equity and social determinants of health.

2. Short Distances to Large Gaps in Health: VCU Center on Society and Health

3. VCU Health Equity Strategic Plan

4. VCU Strategic Plan, Quest 2025: Together We Transform

5. VCU Health Strategic Plan, Vision by Design


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