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Leighton N. Thumm, B.S., VCU School of Pharmacy

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Rachel W. Flurie, Pharm.D., VCU School of Pharmacy

George Wohlford, Pharm.D., VCU School of Pharmacy

Emily Peron, Pharm.D., MS, VCU School of Pharmacy

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March 2019

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Introduction: •Urinary incontinence (UI) is a common syndrome that often goes unreported and undiagnosed •As calls to action from the National Institute on Aging and American Geriatrics Society suggest, the healthcare workforce must work interprofessionally to meet the needs of people with UI •Understanding the challenges of and opportunities for improving continence care in Virginia is a first step •The primary goal of this study was to assess changes in awareness of and confidence in providing interprofessional UI care after participating in an interactive workshop


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