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Research Report

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August 2020


This report by the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC) in the VCU School of Education offers a rapid review of research about supporting student mental health as they return to school during COVID-19. It pulls from literature on natural disasters like hurricane Katrina, the psychological impacts of quarantine, and emergent research on the mental health impacts of the Coronavirus. The report is structured to answer three overarching questions: 1) Why is it important to address the mental health needs of students in schools? 2) How can we expect COVID-19 to impact the mental health of students? 3) What are some practical strategies for addressing the mental health needs of students and personnel as they return to school? Links to relevant resources for educators are provided throughout the report.

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VCU MERC Publications

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Naff, D., *Williams, S., *Furman, J., *Lee, M. (2020). Supporting student mental health during and after COVID-19. Richmond, VA: Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium.