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December 2016


Classroom discipline and school violence continue to be major issues in American education today. Rose and Gallup (1998) in the most recent Gallup Poll, respondents were asked to identify the biggest problems with which the public schools in their communities must deal. The results showed that concern about "fighting/violence/gangs" was at the top of the list, followed closely by "lack of discipline/more control." The metropolitan Life Survey of the American Teacher (1993) reports that while the majority of teachers (77%) feel safe in their schools, only 50% of students feel that way. A substantial proportion of students say they often witness violent incidents in or around school. More than one-tenth of teachers say they have been victims of acts of violence that occurred in or around school and that 95% of these incidents have involved students.

These data indicate that classroom discipline and school violence are very serious problems for American Schools. The general public is concerned, and teachers and students have had first-hand knowledge about dangerous and aggressive acts. Teachers believe that the situation causes both adults and children to be reluctant to go to school. Obviously, such a situation causes stress among all school participants and can be detrimental to the teaching/learning process. Such a situation can hinder all students from achieving academic success.

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