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January 2017


In 1989 the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics published the "Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics." The NCTM standards provides benchmark statements about specific aspects of the curriculum and about evaluation against which school divisions can judge their own specific curricula. The Standards has been a major focus of mathematics education since 1990.

In the fall of 1992 the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium undertook a study to determine the extent to which local schools were implementing the NCTM Standards. The study of the schools in the Consortium focused on the broad themes of the Standards document: mathematics as problem-solving, mathematics as communication, mathematics as reasoning, and mathematical communication. To teach with these four standard in mind is to teach in a Standards-oriented manner. This report summarizes the finding of three data sources collected from elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers and principals in the MERC school divisions: a survey of teachers, a survey of principals, and focus group interviews of selected teachers. The questions and discussions explore awareness of the Standards, classroom practices, and aids the obstacles to implementation.

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