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Research Report

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January 2017


The review of the literature on "Increasing the Academic Pool of Minority Students for Higher Education" was conducted in response to a request from the Virginia Department of Education R.F.P. #92-3 Team. The paper examines the factors that have an impact on increasing the number of minority students prepared to attend and succeed in college and reviews a number of successful programs, many of which are supported by business and industry. In addition to these two basic areas of inquiry, the R.F.P. #92-3 Team requested that the problem of increasing the minority student pool for college be examined in the context of the following issues: 1) school organization issues, 2) counseling issues, 3) factors related to minority participation in the sciences, 4) increasing the pool of minority teachers and students, 5) learning styles of at-risk students, and 6) issues related to dropout, and 7) financial aid.

The report is divided into two sections: Part One reviews the current status of the pool of minority students, particularly Blacks in the nation, including educational policies and related factors which have impact on college preparation of minority students, many of whom are "at risk"; and Part Two highlight model programs, many of which are collaborative efforts between public schools and business and industry and are designed to increase the numbers of minority students prepared to enter college and persist to graduation.

To ensure an exhaustive search of the literature, the writer utilized the on-line computer information services and CD ROM computer services, books, periodicals, and invited paper found in document searches.

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