The Mighty Pen Project generates, preserves, shares, and honors stories written by military veterans and their supporters. Its writers craft works that are creative, deeply expressive, and vital documents of service and history. Veterans and their supporters have stories to tell. They carry important experiences and emotions with them during, and often long after, military service. Their stories are always laden with personal import and, frequently, with vital historical perspectives. The Mighty Pen Project provides a variety of programs to memorialize these lives and recollections of service, in order to share their important lessons with our community and keep them ever-present in our culture. The Mighty Pen Project was founded in 2014 by bestselling historical fiction writer, professor, playwright, and philanthropist David L. Robbins. In partnership with the Virginia War Memorial, the Mighty Pen Project provides writing instruction and continuing writing support to those who have experienced our nation’s military events either through service or as a supporter of the military.


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