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July 2021


This presentation gives an overview of the study conducted by Ken Miyazawa, Yuichiro Asano, Masako Tabuchi, Shunsuke Kako, Makoto Kawatani, Hiroyuki Osada, Hatsuhiko Maeda, and Shigemi Goto on the local administration of ReveromycinA ointment. In the study, ReveromycinA (RMA) ointment was administered non-invasively in the oral cavity of mice. The effectiveness of this ointment was tested by observing whether it was able to inhibit alveolar bone resorption in a mouse with experimentally-induced periodontal disease. The alveolar bone loss in the wild type versus osteoprotegerin-knockout mice showed that localized administration of the RMA ointment resulted in suppressed alveolar bone resorption, reduced osteoclast count, and lower immunostaining scores of inflammation sites compared to the controls in both types of mice.


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