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January 2021


The presentation introduces Dr. Jessica Salvatore and colleagues’ work, Disentangling Social-Genetic From Rearing-Environment Effects for Alcohol Use Disorder Using Swedish National Data, on the social-genetic effects of having a spouse whose parent(s) is/are affected by alcohol use disorder (AUD). After collecting personal data of over 300,000 Swedish opposite-sex couples, the study used actor-partner interdependence model and logistic regression model to examine the association between a spouse’s AUD predisposition and the proband’s risk of developing AUD. The results showed that the proband is at a high risk of developing AUD upon marrying an AUD-predisposed spouse. The authors concluded that this relationship showed greater evidence of being caused by rearing-environment effects than social-genetic effects. The audience argued that the results could not be generalized to the couples in the United States due to the differences in demographics between the two countries. Therefore, a similar study must be performed on the United States population to draw reliable conclusions about its couples.


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