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February 2021


This presentation gives a brief overview of the study conducted by Francisco Ceballos, Samyuktha Kannan, & Berber Kramer on the Impacts of a national lockdown on smallholder farmers’ income and food security: Empirical evidence from two states in India. The study considered the disproportionate effect of COVID on economies worldwide, specifically the two states, Haryana and Odisha, in India. The COVID-19 pandemic posed many challenges for small farmers in these two states. National and local policies posed varying challenges for farmers. They were interviewed about these challenges by phone, right after the announcement of the lockdown and harvest season in both states. The study covered 1515 farmers total from both states. The farmers were questioned about their access to food a month before lockdown and during lockdown. The study found that labor supply was affected more in Odisha. The study found that in Haryana, there was a statistically significant increase in the amount of people that no longer had access to a sufficient variety of food during lockdown.


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