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"This spring we held our first medical grand rounds on storytelling. Four physicians shared their stories of loss, growth, and new realizations. This prompted me to reflect on the great importance of stories in medicine. We learn through stories, teach through stories, and, most importantly, connect to each other through stories. I hope you find the connections with patients, caregivers, and families in this edition of the Medical Literary Messenger enlightening. This edition also contains our second feature of VCU Internal Medicine residents’ reflections—this time in haiku. Perhaps reading this edition will prompt you to write your own story. Megan Lemay, MD | Associate Editor"--p. 2.

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The Essentials / Dave Morrison -- Sometimes I Pretend / Emily Pineau -- Psalm for Anorexia / Elizabeth Gauffreau -- On Harvey Dent / Bryan Walpert -- On the Level / Jane Blanchard -- Cirrhosis / Arthur Ginsberg -- Open Microphone / Stuart M. Terman -- Guest Lavatory, Beaumont Hospital, Day Five / John Jeffire -- Change of Heart / Rosie Sorenson -- Code Blue / Caroline Mosher -- Beautiful Pulses / Paul Hostovsky -- The Hospital and After / Michele Levy -- Mouth to Mouth / Charles H. Halsted -- A Meditation on Memory and Morocco / Janie Breggin Braverman -- Medical Library / Donna Doyle -- Softening / Michelle Brooks -- Testing / Carol Barrett -- Disneyland Death / Jane St. Clair -- Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo / Dan Campion -- She Looks to the Vatican / Julie P. Center -- Practice / Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich -- Humanism in Medicine: Reflections from Diastole -- Night Shift / Mary R. Finnegan -- Terra Toma / Ash Reid -- That Week in December / Robert Grant -- Skin on Canvas / Emily Pineau -- New Snow and Disease / Ron. Lavalette -- The Blues Brothers, Migraine, and You / Maxine Conant -- Letter to Not Knowing / Gina Forberg -- Chemo / Michael Diebert -- The Hospital Cafeteria Lines Are Too Long at Noon / N E -- Dancing Death / Michael Levy -- Emissary / John Jeffire -- Promise / Mary R. Finnegan -- Waiting to Have Blood Drawn / Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb -- Are You Millie’s Son? / Stuart M. Terman -- Love Poem from the OR / Mary Makofske -- Emergency Room / Mimi Jennings -- photos / Malai Keo.


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