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"We are proud to launch the Medical Literary Messenger with this inaugural issue. Although we are new and modest, we hope to explore the diverse meaning of illness through the creative lens of a medical perspective. Our contributors include students, physicians and patients both from and beyond Virginia Commonwealth University. The following pages of essays, short stories, and images have inspired us to pause and reflect on our varied roles as members of a medical community. We are honored for your readership of the Medical Literary Messenger and hope that you are moved by its content. Gonzalo Bearman, Editor in Chief"--p. 2.

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Before the Laying On / Robert Eastwood -- When the Medical Student Teaches / M. Hoya -- Lesion / Stacy R. Nigliazzo -- The Way Back To Childhood / Christopher Woods -- The Uselessness of Our Hands / Sean Prentiss -- Never Forget You Work in Oncology / Lorraine Waltz -- Going Down / Thom Schwarz -- Past Curfew, At a Time Past (1964) / Barbara A. Carrington -- Approaching Shadows / Christopher Woods -- Virginia Nature / Hannah Kim -- Is Six Always Six / Ken Staley -- Cheers (Desvenlafaxine) / Nick D’Annunzio Jones -- Arm Dissection, MCV Gross Lab / David J. Bromley -- In the Cancer Ward / Robert Eastwood -- A Different Homefront / Jaclyn Arquiette -- Reflections on an International Medical Brigade / Marilena Lekoudis -- Wellness Check / Eveline Chu -- Sharing La Comida / Kelly H. Chen -- Haga Así: Do as I Do / James P. Mendoza -- “Sonríe” / Kelly H. Chen -- Welcome and Curiosity / Eveline Chu -- field notes from the buried box of an almost-surgeon / Joanna S.Lee -- COAN Trip, Leon, Nicaragua / William Mark Bruch III -- Mania / Debbie Collins -- Into the Blue / Lorraine Waltz -- Keeping Birth, Losing Fear: A 21st Century Birth Story / Hannah McCormick -- Skeletal Studies / David J. Bromley -- Water, Air, and Ice / Catherine Pearson -- Waiting / Bryan Jarrett.


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