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Professional Plan Capstone

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Chesterfield County Planning Department


Ampthill Neighborhood

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May 2019


This is a Strengthening Plan in support of a future commercial corridor development in the Ampthill Neighborhood of Chesterfield County. It is a part of a larger strategy along Jefferson Davis Highway to strengthen ties between neighborhoods and businesses. The Plan encourages economic and community development to create a welcoming destination. A foundation for economic development results and a community road map to assist in navigating discussions, leveraging assets and upgrading transportation infrastructure. This traditionally working-class neighborhood south of Richmond has experienced major demographic change. For others to venture into the area and “get to know it”, Ampthill may need to get to know more about itself and its newest neighbors. To accomplish this, a market analysis, evaluation of existing property conditions and area perception assessments were conducted. The market analysis determined that Retail and Food businesses had 9 areas of unmet demand. Community organizational involvement to champion and sustain development is encouraged. Theory provides a philosophical foundation for achieving collaborative. The four points of the Main Street America Transformation Strategies of Economic Vitality, Design, Organization, and Promotion are used as an organizational framework to guide Plan Goals, Recommendations and Implementation. An Asset-Based Community Development approach is proposed as a tool to identify this changing community’s strengths. Community growth and development opportunities exist in Ampthill. They can be realized as residents and businesses, together, leverage their shared assets to cultivate community cohesion. A more inviting commercial corridor emerges that encourages others to… Get to know Ampthill!


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